This tree is more than a century old.

I'll meet you in the lobby at three.

Whose is this phone?

Roxane spoke to The.


Her family is very large.

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Do you think that you can beat me?

I once met a boy.

We'll be happy to help.

I can sense how worried you are.

I'll pack.

I'm a homosexual.

He is crazy about jazz.

I'll check in with you later.

You should make the most of your ability.

You obviously want to buy that dress.

Is it hot enough to go swimming?

I've got to get back to the meeting.

It's an indisputable matter.

I would like steak with a baked potato.

I gave Nadeem a chance to work with me.

What time is it?

The laboratory has the most up-to-date equipment.


Is there a discount if you pay in cash?

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She is unconscious.

Everyone but Wes seems to be enjoying the party.

I think our luck just ran out.

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We both know that it's no big deal.

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The lunar month is the 29.53 days it takes to go from one new moon to the next.

Does anyone want a beer?

That person writing the letter in the classroom is my friend.

Meeks always wants to sit in the front row.

Athletes must be tough not only physically, but also mentally.

Vistlik sat in his beanbag chair.

Where does Skeeter stay?


Kerry misled Hurf.


I live alone in this house.


Are there many animals in the zoo?


Something you should know about me is that I'm very much a country boy at heart.


He found the experience enjoyable.

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He has never visited him.

She's the best thing that ever happened to me.

He sits wherever he wants to.

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He is a proficient pianist.

Avery has a Garmin GPS.

The car goes fast.

We have less than three minutes before the movie starts.

What size are these shoes?

About 1.2 million people die from car crashes every year.

He has to repair the clock.

Here's what really happened.

Many people wanted to impeach President Nixon.

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She's sitting on the bench.

I forgot what I was about to say.

This is a great invention in a way.

I want to know how they do that.

They're just talking shit.


I experience nausea when I go on too many rides.

Don't study.

I'm asking you, who promoted this initiative.

It's Cynthia, isn't it?

Narcissus fell in love with his own reflection.

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You're going to miss me.

Life under Sue's roof was unbearable.

He grew up in Germany.

We think that there should be no more wars.

I tried cycling to work for a while but I didn't take to it.


The cat fell asleep curled up in front of the fireplace.

He is surrounded by a shroud of mourning.

This is a perfect place for us to pitch our tent.

Who are you referring to?

Motivation is one of the factors that affects the learning process.

You needn't have gone to all that trouble just for me.

Take these with you.

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We have the ability to remember.

Has the train been delayed?

The shepherd thinks that the lambs were killed by wolves.

I feel awkward in his presence.

I didn't understand your joke.

Greg thought you'd prefer a blue one.

The company's profitability improved.

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You guys go and have a good time.

Our school stands on a hill, so we can see the town.

Blood runs in the veins.

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The windows should've already been washed.

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When I was a kid, I went to Boston every summer.

Are you analytical?

Phil and I were both at the meeting.


We're trying to get better.

Valentin did better this time.

I don't need an interpreter.

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Ramadoss said he wanted to take an afternoon nap.


That's just awesome.

The seat cushions were filled with foam rubber.

I know it's not possible.

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She was a bundle of jealousy.

You have a very pretty name.

Sometimes the system of checks and balances gets out of balance.


What are your reflections on this issue?


You know who I mean.

I'm glad that you understand.

She says that she is happy.

Will you be my Valentine?

I shouldn't be here.

I'm going to run.

I know it wasn't her.


Apparently he's sick.


Shane is capable of taking charge, isn't he?

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Did you get good marks?


I'll stay here until you return.


I'm in jail.

Ginny is a little concerned.

Please turn out the lights.

I get motion sickness.

You're sure about this, right?

She is ashamed to speak up.

Do you have alcohol-free drinks?

It is wrong to steal money.

I couldn't wait to go to a hotel.

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That was what Annard told Dalton.

Betty was the first girl who came to the party.

What should I do next?


You should make sure that you get there on time. Rob won't wait more than ten minutes if you are late.

Cindie forced Glynn to do it.

He is a typical Japanese.

Perhaps you'd be willing to volunteer to take care of the children.

We have everything we want.

The wind roared and shouted around the house, and the snow fell steadily half the year, so that the summers never melted it away till winter came again.

As a result of a traffic jam, he wasn't able to see her off at the station.


No one wanted to listen to me.

I haven't seen you around here before.

I must ask you to leave.

Who do you think you're talking to here?

He is quite right.

I want to know how that's possible.

If you don't have anything to do, look at the ceiling of your room.


You can't tell us what to do.

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Your name is still on the list.

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She behaved quite abominably.

Gregg is puzzled.

She revealed her secret.

It will not be long before he turns up.

Didn't you have the flu last week?

He asked me to help.

Caleb isn't serious, is he?

The future looks promising.

I admire him, in spite of his faults.

There will be a giant crop of corn this year.

Show me a capitalist and I'll show you a bloodsucker.

No one's seen Marla in a while.

Orville's first flight didn't last very long.


Everyone is angry.

They are superior to us in learning.

A new study shows that everything we thought we knew up to now, is wrong.


I'm really confused.


Are you students at this school?

Have you been here the whole time?

It is hard to translate a joke into another language.

This is by far the best seafood restaurant in this area.

That's pretty annoying.